This past January in the U.S. Virgin Islands, CACC held its 14th invitational conference on Advanced Practice Nursing.  As envisioned by CACC President and CUSN Dean Mary O. Mundinger, these conferences were designed with three goals in mind: to reach consensus on clear and uniform standards of advanced clinical preparation; to establish significant interest among academic nursing leaders and their national organizations to work toward such a standard, and lastly; to ensure that medical and health policy leaders understand and endorse the proposed doctoral-practice degree for nurses who meet the standard.

Since August 2000, when the first conference was held in Paris, the participants, invited by Dean Mundinger, have focused on discussing the present role of advanced practice nurses (APNs) in the health care system and mapping out changes needed to be implemented in order to best prepare future APNs to manage all aspects of primary care in any setting.  Nursing school deans, health policy analysts and experts in health care gather once or twice a year not only to consider the current trends in health care and debate various approaches to problems seen but also to update the group on the individual steps toward offering a practice doctorate at their home institutions.

CACC conferences held to date:
August 10-12, 2000 Paris, France
January 5, 2001 New York, NY
Jan 10-12, 2002 Phoenix, Arizona
August 8- 10, 2002 London, England
December 13, 2002 New York, NY
August 14-16, 2003 Rome, Italy
January 30, 2004 New York, NY
June 14-16, 2004 Bergen, Norway
June 23-25, 2005 Prague, Czech Republic
December 9, 2005 New York, New York
June 22-24, 2006 St. Petersburg, Russia
March 9, 2007 New York, New York
June 22-24, 2007 Istanbul, Turkey
January 7-9, 2008 St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands